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The Abbots Ripton Estate runs up to the northern edge of Huntingdon. To reach the village take the C115 minor road from Huntingdon or the B1090 from St Ives in the south or from the A1 in the north.

Abbots Ripton and Wennington are set within one of the few remaining substantial areas of woodland in Huntingdonshire. In 1610 the surroundings were shown as one of six deer parks in the County. From the south, Holland and Wennington Woods give a backcloth to the village, whilst slightly more distant Little Less Wood and Boulton’s Hunch Wood lie on the western side. Such a large amount of trees in the landscape is unusual for Huntingdonshire and of particular importance and interest is the survival of many of the historically dominant species - the Elm. The devastation of Dutch Elm disease was greatly reduced by injection, hygiene and hard work. Today there are over a thousand living elms, unique in Southern Britain. Over the last thirty years many new trees including ash, oak, lime, field maple and wild cherries have been planted by both the Abbots Ripton Estate and Parish residents, with the consequence that from the air both Abbots Ripton and Wennington appear to be set within islands of trees interlaced with 14 miles of hedges and 96 ponds.